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Martin Heidegger (1889—1976)

It was achieved instead by a democratic revolution. As the innermost motive for his worship of pragmatism and of American society, the seemingly paradoxical venture of an antidemocratic heroisation of American democracy comes to light. In November Hitler introduced a plebiscite about the exit from the League of Nations. A big demonstration of the German academic and intellectual scene gave applause to this event at a meeting in Leipzig, among them in first line also Martin Heidegger. Perhaps this was simply due to the fact that he belonged not yet fully to academia, because he was still working on his habilitation.

Perhaps the cited paragraph is an attempt to compensate for that missed opportunity. All the lighter, I hope, it became evident, that Dewey subsumes under that concept attitudes and convictions , to which we today stand much closer to than at a time, where we did it according to name only. For a while — as a consequence of unheard-of effort and an overstrain of all forces of the nation — exactly the opposite of a democratic faith gained place among us: namely, lack of hope for the future and passivity, as a merely negative response to a bad and community-less peace, which Europe concluded.

Hausmann cites only a very negative review about the Franklin book and adds that author and publisher were not able to enter into the Anglo-American sphere.

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One can only wonder, why it is possible, that such a book is presented to us as a serious piece of literature Schrifttum. One needs to have the strongest reservations against the consequences of such a spiritually confused as well as stylistically un-German work on the foreign public. Because our German-ness must rest on a solidity born from a plain clarity and veracity, so our Schrifttum can only have effect abroad and promote our cause, if it expresses such German-ness. This one received a quite favorable review from Helmut Schelsky in written, as he adds, from the front , who, after became one of the leading German sociologists.

Are they in America not only national memories? In which degree does the present America stick to the spirit of an Emerson, even of a James or Dewey? Herein lies the importance of this book, in contrast to the fullness of works in the history of philosophy in which philosophy seems to drown today. So, we like to end this review with the wish, that the author starting from the historical description will arrive at a systematical […] philosophy of man, at a treatment of the questions of consciousness, of drives, etc. Eduard Baumgarten is the most serious student of American thought Germany has produced and is one of the best informed writers of the subject in any language.

But, as Vogts makes it clear, unpublished papers show fascist inclinations. The volume was dedicated to John Dewey and appeared on the occasion of his 80th birthday in The rearming of Germany […] The persecution of the Jews! Anyone who dares to disagree with the acts or with the policies of the Nazi government is considered a traitor; and, if his disagreement becomes known in official quarters, he is dealt with as such.

This gathering was meant to further the indoctrination with Nazi ideology and screen the participants for possible later careers. Baumgarten, who intervened after all the other talks in the discussion, remained silent this time. He named some people who could possibly work on that program in cooperation, but he was only partially successful in his efforts. Baumgarten gave a radio talk shortly before he and Lorenz escaped.

There he earned some fame as the leading spokesman of a small crew who drove out in an open military car with a white flag towards the allied troops in order to save the town from annihilation. Soon after the liberation he gave a triumphant speech to a gathering of students in which he denied German guilt in the atrocities of the National Socialist regime.

That earned him a suspension from academic work for a while by the British education branch, and his denazification became ever more difficult. I do not know whether any files in what is now Kaliningrad or elsewhere survive. That came in Mannheim, where he started a new academic career. He abandoned his big theme, pragmatism, more or less completely.

It is small wonder that his official position was no longer in American studies, nor was it in philosophy. Rather, he moved into sociology, with main themes during that period in organisation sociology and university reform. In the s, he also turned to one of his relatives, Max Weber, who in Nazi-times had stood for a while in the way of his career. Not a single author in the Festschrift dedicated to him on the occasion of his 70th birthday cared to write anything on pragmatism.

That applies to academics in every field, but especially in a highly ideologically-loaded subject as philosophy. So, any judgments about what were merely opportunistic moves in order to save his career and what represented a willingness to embrace National Socialism needs to be studied very carefully, and in full knowledge of the relevant university files which are completely neglected by Joas and Vogt. One only needs to read some titles of articles and booklets he published, like Der Mensch als Soldat Man as a soldier. Given the limitations of space the interpretation and evaluation of this vast and complicated material can only be attempted in another article.

Baumgarten signature: Phil.

A Fight for the Right to Read Heidegger - The New York Times

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Seine Natur und seine Stellung in der Welt Hrsg.

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