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You will both have the opportunity to make written comments on the report. After analyzing the investigation report, the Commission members make a decision either to dismiss a complaint, send it to conciliation or refer it to the Tribunal. Commission decisions are final.


If the Commission decides your matter should go to conciliation, the process is similar to mediation, but is mandatory. You will normally be given a window of 3 to 4 months to settle the discrimination complaint. If you cannot reach a settlement, the case could be sent back to the Commission, and possibly to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

Mufti Menk - The Complaint Of A Woman (Story of Khawala Bint Tha'laba R.A.)

If the Commission decides to refer a complaint to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, the Commission no longer controls the complaint. The Tribunal will hold a hearing. It will ask both you and the complainant to provide any documents and call witnesses for support. After the hearing, the Tribunal will either dismiss the complaint or find that there has been discrimination. If the Tribunal finds there has been discrimination it can order corrective measures, such as a change in policies or practices, paying the complainant lost wages or giving them their job back, awareness training or other compensation.

If you or the complainant disagrees with a decision made by the Commission or by the Tribunal, you can ask the Federal Court to review the decision. People have been receiving calls from fraudsters posing as the Canadian Human Rights Commission. If you receive an automated message claiming to be from the Commission, simply hang up. It is a fraudulent call. The Canadian Human Rights Commission will never contact you using an automated message.

The complaints process

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Stage 1: Before a formal complaint is filed Inquiry and Screening Every potential discrimination complaint starts with a call or a letter to the Commission. Stage 2: After a formal complaint is filed Notification You will be notified in writing once the Commission receives a discrimination complaint. Looking for a quick way to keep up with the never-ending news cycle?

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