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I thought an end of the summer talent show might give us a little direction in the summer.

Who knows? That would be something.

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But whatever we do, I know I can teach my kids to help out in small ways and together we can keep that Christmas feeling all year long. Do you have any ideas to share with The Power of Moms? Amanda Hamilton Roos was born a little bossy and always really liked school. So naturally she became a teacher.

That Christmas feeling: Scientists have located the "Christmas spirit" in our brains

Now that she's also a mother, she has found her passion is helping schools and families work together to help kids learn better. Also, since she was 10 years old, Amanda has wanted to be a writer.

So she blogs sporadically at Call Me Mandy. She hopes you'll make your year-old dream come true, too! We call ahead and get permission, and they are always ecstatic to have us. We bring our kids with us, and the seniors just love it.

Reta Watkins glorifies ‘That Christmas Feeling’ for her late father, and the rest of us

The kids can make the Valentines, or you can just buy cards and sign them—it works either way. A family or a couple of families could easily take that on. Call your local Ronald McDonald House to sign up to prepare a meal.

The best part is, you get to eat and chat with the families if you want to and they are so grateful. I absolutely love this post!! I have wanted for years!

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The ideas in this post have shown me how wrong that thinking was. It seems that you come up with activities on your own, and I admire your energy and creativity to do what you did.

The social concerns committee at church regularly has activities. My son attends a parochial preschool, which sponsors age-appropriate opportunities as well.

Missing lyrics by Bing Crosby?

My family does more this way than we would on our own. And — churches are not the only organizations that do such things. Your email address will not be published. Christmas Bells Bless the Beasts and Children Hubba Hubba Hubba Bumming Around Previously Unreleased Dream Baby Frosty the Snow Man In San Francisco Song of Songs Blue Room Once I Loved That Christmas Feeling Modify Joy to the World Here We Come A-Caroling Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo Remastered Magic Moment - Remastered Bali Hai Live Tie a Yellow Ribbon Marrying for Love Digitally Remastered Try to Remember From the Production 'the Fantasticks' Magic Moments Audiophile Remastered Because Digitally Remastered My Colouring Book Jingle Bells Restored Master Zing Zing, Zoom Zoom Remastered Prisonner of Love