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His best known novel, O Crime do Padre Amaro , was based on his experiences as a municipal official in the province of Leiria. The protagonist is a priest, Father Amaro. The story is set in a provincial town, which is described in a harsh light: "In the row of poor dwellings at the side of the Archway, the old women sat at their doors, spinning; the dirty, ill-nourished children played on the ground, showing their nude, swollen bellies; and the hens went round voraciously picking among the dirt and filth.

Round the fountain all was noise; vessels were dragged over the stones, servants abused one another, soldiers in dirty uniforms and enormous laced down-at-heel boots waved their malacca canes and made love; girls with fat-paunched pitchers on their heads walked in pairs swinging their hips; two lazy officers, with their uniforms unbuttoned and hanging loose over their stomachs, chatted together as they waited to see who might arrive.

O Mandarim, de Eça de Queirós

O Primo Basilio was a Flaubertian study of a middle-class Lisbon family and focused on adultery. The novel has been praised for its female characters - the romantic and sensual Luiza, who falls in love with her cousin Bazilio; and Luiza's servant, Juliana, embittered and virginal, who scorns her.

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Os Maias depicted upper-class life and the degeneration of an old Beira family, the Maias, through the love affair between Carlos, the grandson of Alfonso de Maia, and Maria Eduarda, who turns out to be not the wife of a wealthy Brazilian, Castro Gomes, but his mistress. The ironic or tragic destines of the characters reflect ideological, cultural and political development in Portugal from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the mid's.

The translation appeared in book form in Let us depart instead for the fields of Dreams and wander those blue, romantic hills where stands the abandoned tower of the Supernatural, where cool mosses clothe the ruins of Idealism. Let us, in short, indulge in a little fantasy.

Its writing coincided with his marriage and drew on the travels with his wife's brother to Egypt and the Near East. The young Teodorico Raposo is a Christian Bachelor of Law, an opportunist and an obsessed hunter of women. His wealthy Aunt Titi, whom he tries to please, is a fetish-loving Catholic. Teodorico hangs on the walls pictures of saints, "as a gallery of spiritual ancestors from whom I received a constant example in the difficult path of virtue.

Aboard the Shark, bound from Aleksandria to Jaffa, he has a vision of the Ascension, the Christ, the Devil, and the furious Auntie with her prayer-book. Teodorico comforts Lucifer: "Never mind, there will be plenty of pride and dissolution and blood and fury in the world.

Do not regret the holocaust of Moloch. You shall have holocaust of Jews.

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He sees Jesus the Nazareth before the Praetor, and witnesses the crucifixion. The still-living Jesus is smuggled from the cross into a grave, and after adventures Teodorico returns back to his own century. However, he finds that fabulous wealth brings with it unexpected problems. Failing to find them, he returns to Lisbon still haunted by the crime.

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Keates describes the novella as a "brilliant mischievous essay in fantasy chinoiserie , irreverently subverting the trope, created half a century earlier by Balzac in La Peau de chagrin , of the Oriental curse masquerading as a blessing". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Fanta-Levey Genealogy. Retrieved 4 July The Mandarin and Other Stories.

O Primo Basílio / O Mandarim

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