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Come To Me (feat. Sandra McCracken)

Sometimes he surprises her for breakfast meetings at home and finishes the box of Puffins that is meant for her kids. He makes Amy his guinea pig, using intimate details about her that his indiscreet mother has shared with him.

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Her would-be lives spin out in front of her. What if she had not aborted their baby? What if Eric, the older brother she revered, had not died? What if?

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These fictional scenarios are utterly convincing and fill us with as much confusion, fear and longing as they do Amy. The family reaches a fault line when Dan becomes interested in a woman named Maryam, a photographer who is obsessed with the devastation wrought by the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan.

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She has a tiresome belief in her own fabulousness and a habit of sounding as if she is quoting from her own Nobel citation. Schulman deftly moves around, telling her story from various points of view. As the book gathers itself toward its conclusion, the crises that strike the family are all too non-virtual.

Their machines cannot help them.

We can play out multiple scenarios, dream multiple fantasies, write multiple stories in our heads, but in the end we have only one — complicated, imperfect, hard-to-face — reality. The music was utilized in the original movie for the scene in which Charley first witnesses Jerry snacking on a nubile young woman entitled "Dream Window" on the score album ; and it's used again when Jerry seduces Amy.

Come to Me (Goo Goo Dolls song)

In the original sequel it scored the scene in which Regine entrances Charley while doing her vampire dance. In addition to the instrumental variations, the soundtrack album includes a rendition with words crooned by composer Brad Fiedel. An alternate version performed by Deborah Holland which includes additional lyrics was featured during the end credits of Fright Night Part 2 , but this version has never been commercially released. There are numerous covers of the song available on You Tube in a vast array of musical styles.

Some of the more notable releases:. Words and music by Brad Fiedel Your life is the same, day after day Everything that you do, you do the same old way I can show you the world in a different light Keep your heart to yourself, give your soul to the night Come to me when you're lonely Come to me when you need something new Come to me when you're restless Cuz I've got something just for you, just for you Additional Verse from Fright Night Part 2 You can wait your whole life for the sun to rise When it finally comes up, it's gonna hurt your eyes I can show you the world in a different light Keep your heart to yourself, give your soul to the night Come to me when you're lonely Come to me when you need something new Come to me when you're restless Cuz I've got something just for you, just for you Just for you.

Brad Fiedel's vocal version from the movie's soundtrack. Deborah Holland's rendition from Fright Night Part 2.

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Anthony Jones' electronica rendition, later released on his album Viktorian: Descent Into Darkness. Joohyun Park's instrumental arrangement, released both as a digital single and on the album Halloween Horror Hits, Vol.

Come To Me (feat. Sandra McCracken) | Rain For Roots

In , The Stranger Side released a slow, breathy rock rendition featuring additional vocals by Ardra Neala. Featuring soundbytes from the movie and vocals by Dana Jean Phoenix, Perturbator's cover was issued on an indie compilation titled The 80's Dream Compilation Tape - Vol. With additional and often indecipherable lyrics, this is unquestionably one of the most unique renditions of the song.

Following a minute-long introduction, Mia Evans soulfully crooned the song a cappella for her webcam.