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Also 1 Please can someone post a warning to the old forums to tell people that the Youtube forums have moved here?

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This has now happened twice. I am very frustrated. I see. Whilst I was shown an error, and after using my back button I had changed that my post was not at the top of the list of posts, I had in fact succeeded in posting, now three times. I was using Firefox, the most recent I believe.

Please would some kind moderator delete two of the threads?

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The warning is to let viewers know that the uploader you wanted to restrict access to the video, so they should be considerate about sharing the link with others for example, via messaging or a blog. An unlisted video can of course be viewed by anyone who has the link. Frank Jambolan How do you re-enlist a video to make it public again. I went to the settings and changed it to public That sounds odd, though I'm not experienced doing that.

There could be a delay in the setting being applied, and your browser's cache of the page might need to be refreshed. If you want to give a link to the video, I'll tell you what I see.

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Maybe forgotten "save changings". Can you give us a link to that video? That means welcome Orwell's and democracy is dead. Now, how to unroot this evil? Watchutalkinbout, Willis? There are plenty of Orwellian things going on with Google these days, but allowing us to upload our videos as unlisted is most certainly not one of them.

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No, actually I think he's right. The video is sickening. People need to be aware that this kind of thing happens all the time with government agencies. It's getting worse and worse if you ask me. But anyway, after watching this moving short video of course I shared it on my FB , I went back to my YouTube tab and that's when I noticed this message word for word, copied and pasted This video is unlisted. This video is unlisted. The highest performing Ultra Sites and their supply chain partners will receive recognition at the Ultra Sites awards ceremony held in July.

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Click here for details of all award winning sites. Close to the River Caldew in central Carlisle, this short project to dismantle a gasholder on an industrial site and restore derelict land has left a lasting impression.

The high welfare standards included a TV and a DVD player for quiet periods, as well as relevant literature. The privacy of local people was carefully taken into account, with most of the site concealed, while allowing space for the public to view the works; a nearby disabled business owner also received assistance.

As the site is of long-term interest, local industrial history groups were invited to share their views and knowledge. The team should be highly applauded for demonstrating that short-term projects can have a powerful impact on a local community when managed with vision and consideration. Everyone involved is truly a worthy winner.

Located in Solihull, this project comprised the refurbishment of a modern office building on a business park.

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The team was enthusiastic about the local area and all its workforce came from within a mile radius. It also promoted college placements, a company graduate programme and its involvement with disadvantaged groups. The first-rate team was extremely committed to fair treatment of the workforce. Religious considerations and cultural needs could be accommodated on site and there was access to literacy and numeracy training, occupational health provision and financial and counselling services.

Free electrical equipment PAT testing was available and recreational needs were catered for, with items such as a dartboard and puzzle books left in the welfare area. This superb team has shown foresight and focus throughout this project.

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Many congratulations to you all for your commitment and dedication. This project consisted of an upgrade to properties in six blocks in Camden, north-west London. Residents, staff and clients stayed informed about projects as well as developments in the construction industry. It also included links to relevant websites including the Considerate Constructors Scheme , contact information and newsletters. There was even a version designed for youngsters, which promoted career opportunities with the company. Another great idea was storing a small emergency phone in a red box attached to the site toolbox.

This could be used by both operatives and members of the public. You have set a magnificent standard for others to follow in the future. This project involved the construction of a new university centre for Rotherham College on a former hospital site. The site simply buzzed with innovations. The team noted that there were a high proportion of cyclists around the site so it produced a virtual reality presentation for the community to improve awareness of cyclists and road hazards.

Operatives who later watched the video were better able to identify hazards and modified their behaviour as a result. The use of QR code scanning of fire points also provided a more reliable electronic record.

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Huge congratulations to this site for its pioneering approach, energy and sheer inventiveness — their achievements are significant, not just for this the site, nor the community of Rotherham, but for all of us in construction. The works at this site entailed the construction of a new build secondary school next to a fully operational primary school in Streatham, south-west London.